World Of Warcraft Game Time Card and CD Key for WOD and other Online Games World Of Warcraft Game Time Card and CD Key for WOD and other Online Games
World Of Warcraft Game Time Card and CD Key for WOD and other Online Games

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World Of Warcraft Game Time Card and CD Key for WOD and other Online Games
World Of Warcraft Game Time Card and CD Key for WOD and other Online Games
World Of Warcraft Game Time Card and CD Key for WOD and other Online Games
World Of Warcraft Game Time Card and CD Key for WOD and other Online Games
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World Of Warcraft Game Time Card and CD Key for WOD and other Online Games
Lego Universe  E-mail
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Thursday, 07 October 2010 15:08

As you set out to build, battle, explore... and save imagination who will you become... which path will you choose. What powers will you acquire???


Founded by the original Crux explorers. The nexus force was set up to include the bravest and most imaginative mini figures across the universe. By joining the force you will receive special powers to defeat the malestrom but don't expect to get your membership badge for free... You have to earn it... Only after completing four initiation challenges... will you be invited to join one of the powerful nexus force factions...

Depending on the faction you've joined you will receive different powers and abilities to match your quest and rise on the ranks of a nexus force so power up defeat the Maelstrom and save imagination through the faction of your heart...


  1. The Assembly Faction - Is the first of the 4 Nexus Force alliances.

The assembly supervised by the eccentric Dr. Overbuild who specialized in the wonders of creative building and object control. Their members believe that the act of creation naturally sets back the chaotic destructive nature of the Maelstrom. And they are challenged to push the limits of imagination, exploring new styles and new ways of construction. They consider themselves to be the foundation of the Nexus Force. And even though they may not be as brave as the Sentinels or as daring as the Venture League, they are brilliant architects and clever engineers who are highly respected for their skills.

Their leader the eccentric Dr. Overbuild is genius and very intelligent – like a true copy of Einstein. His passion is building and pushing the uses of imagination. He spends months at a time locked in his building laboratory, creating the visions in his head.

  1. The Venture League - The second alliance of the Nexus Force.

The Venture league spirited by the notorious Capt. Hael Storm who use their adventurous spirits to charter unknown territories and cracked challenges in mysteries inside lego universe. Its members are a composition of adventurers and explorers who want to get to the bottom of all of the mysteries filling up the Universe. No matter if it's exploring long-lost civilizations of the First Builders or going where no Minifigure has ever gone before, the Venture League has always been the first to discover it. They're simply on a mission to unravel every mystery the Universe has to offer.

Their leader, the cheerful Hael Storm, has a great sense of humor and is always ready with a wisecrack. He's a born problem solver and in times of danger, Storm will always rise to the challenge. He's a fun, adventurous pirate with an attitude. His specialty is the sea and he is a seasoned explorer of all the oceans in the Universe.

  1. The Sentinels - The third alliance of the Nexus Force.

The Sentinels led by the legendary Duke Exeter who are masters in the art of battle. Smashing and ridding the universe of stromlings. Their mission is to protect the weak, defend the good and serve justice to all. Integrity and Honor are the core of their operations and their heroic performance overshadows all evil.

Members of The Sentinels are the most force-full Minifigures of the Nexus Force. What they lack in pure imagination, they make up with strength and courageous willpower. They are known and respected as the most honorable warriors in the Universe.

Their leader, the charismatic and brave , is an inspiration to everyone around him. He refuses to compromise his principles, and so far he has always found a way to achieve victory with honor. Always trusting that the right will win, he's big on giving everyone second chances. And he is always prepared to take on challenges like a true boy-scout.

  1. Paradox - The fourth and last alliance of the Nexus Force.

The paradox run by the mysterious Vanda Darkflame who use the scientific mind and fearless nature to turn the evil Maelstrom against itself. Paradox members closely study the Maelstrom power in an effort to find the evil within it. They believe that the battlefield is no place for honor and use whatever means are necessary to achieve victory. Paradox has got a reputation for being secretive about their operations. They are sneaky in their attacks and highly effective in all their disciplines. Though Paradox has never broken the trust of the other Factions they are still looked at with an eye of suspicion.

Their leader, the mysterious ninja warrior Vanda Darkflame, believes that to defeat an enemy you must understand it and, if possible, turn its own power against it. She is cynical, selfish, decisive, and always fights for what she feels is right, no matter what anyone else may think about her heartless methods.

The World

World of Worlds :

The Maelstrom has blown Planet Crux into thousands of worlds before forming into a swirling black hole of chaos energy!

Opposite the dark menace’s center sits Nexus City. Nexus Tower rises from the city’s center, glowing with light from the last shard of Pure Imagination!

Exploration :

Other large planet chunks drift around Nexus City. As a LEGO Universe Minifigure, you can explore in the festive Avant Gardens, then hop in your custom LEGO spaceship and fly to new worlds of creative fun!

You might set off on pirate-themed adventures in Gnarled Forest, join a Nexus Force faction in Nimbus Station, or explore ancient ninja ways in Forbidden Valley!

Creating life :

Drifting among the larger worlds are thousands upon thousands of smaller ones. Now, you can settle on one of these worlds and use your creativity to help push back the Maelstrom!

Get inspired flying between your friends’ properties, then head for your own LEGO Universe world. There, you can build anything you like— LEGO brick by brick— and bring your creations to life!

Creation at its best :

You can have a blast building and creating in LEGO Universe!

When you first enter the game world, choose from hundreds of options to build a custom LEGO Minifigure. Then you can modify your Minifigure with cool LEGO gear you collect and win on your adventures!

You make the rules :

Every player gets their own piece of LEGO Universe property! There you can FreeBuild anything you like— LEGO brick by brick— and bring your creations to life!

Share certain creations only with your friends, or safely build a LEGO Universe world that will wow any player! Your property, your rules!


Endless fun :

A dark Maelstrom of chaos energy seeks to destroy imagination in LEGO Universe! Help save imagination by battling back the dark menace and its destructive creatures, the Stromlings!

Have a blast mastering battle skills and smashing special LEGO models! Smashables drop loot like LEGO bricks and accessories. Collect LEGO bricks to build on your own property or to help you advance into fun new worlds!

Racing your friends :

On your LEGO Universe adventures, you can go on action packed missions with your friends, or race against other players in custom LEGO race cars!

Build your LEGO race car and start blazing 'round amazing racetracks! The fastest Minifigures win cool prizes like new models and LEGO Universe racing gear!

Connect with friends

Adventure with your buddies :

Join forces with your friends to help save Imagination! Together you can explore every corner of the Universe uncovering the secrets to defeat the dark and mysterious Maelstrom! You’ll adventure around endless LEGO® worlds chatting with pals from all over Earth! Along the way, you can trade for the coolest bricks and accessories; race each other in custom LEGO racecars; compete in fun mini-games; and form teams to defeat fearsome creatures !

Share your creativity :

Your LEGO Universe property is a creative world of your own where you can build anything you can imagine, then apply unique ‘behaviors’ to your creations to bring them to life! You can trade creations with other players, or let your pals visit your property to play in the world you’ve built! And, if you want to show off an awesome creation to a friend who isn’t logged into the game, simply send them an in-game Mail message to check out your property the next time they’re in LEGO Universe!


Last Updated on Thursday, 07 October 2010 15:18
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